Current Works

Richard Austin

Life-Sized Bronzes

A series of five new life-size bronzes for Northamptonshire Borough Council.

“The first commission was a great success, and the figure of John Clare sitting on a bench has become something of a star. This prompted us to decide on a further commission for five further figures, to create a lasting link with our past by expressing the pride we take in our heritage but also inspiring the people who live here today.”
Cllr. Tim Hadland, cabinet member, Northampton Borough Council
July 2017

Figurative Sculpture

Emotive and reflective

Since the murder of MP Jo Cox and the subsequent outpouring of grief I have been compelled to create a series of emotive pieces. The reaction to this new work has been astounding with collectors wanting to purchase all and future works of plan.

Hate Crime
This work was created shortly after the Brexit vote. Some in the community seemed to think they now had the right to scream racist abuse at anyone the deemed to be ‘different’. This creature is bent and blinded by hate.

Sold £2,300

‘Intolerance’ was created during the build up to the Brexit vote and depicts a figure with a stone heart ignoring the plight of people asking for help.
I was so profoundly moved by the outpouring of grief after the murder of Jo Cox that I was compelled to create this sculpture ‘Sorrow’. For me its all about that hollow, exhausted feeling that comes with great sadness.


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