How to commission a sculpture

How it works

It’s easier than you might think, you simply contact Richard and have an informal chat. Some people have very specific requirements and know exactly what they want, while others don’t have a clue but they know they want something. Wherever you stand, an informal discussion with Richard is the first step.


Corporate Commissions

We like to cultivate a good relationship with your project manager, management team or focus group to give you exactly what you want. We are also experienced in working with the community to enable all sectors to engage with the work. This means we will run workshops within the community enabling them to understand their own creativity and engage with the proposed brief.


Project management / arts advisor

The Sculpture Workshop has long been associated with managing complete and highly successful projects, these can be corporate or community based. We can take your themes or ideas for a project and turn them to reality, not only by creating a tangible work of art but also by engaging with your staff or community, enabling them to participate in wonderfully creative workshops and feel a sense of ownership to the final piece.

We can take responsibility for all aspects of your project:

  • Design and creating works of public or private art
  • Educational, corporate or community projects
  • Running creative workshops
  • Community engagement
  • Commissioning other artists
  • Health and safety
  • Contracts
  • Evaluation and monitoring
  • Delivery and installation

Give the Sculpture Workshop team a call to have an informal chat about your potential plans.


Get in touch

Have a chat with Richard about a commission.