About The Sculpture Workshop

A creative passion

Richard Austin

Richard Austin is passionate about creating sculpture. He is truly dedicated to his craft and has developed a deep knowledge of materials and techniques that can be used to achieve a variety of results. Whether creating classic figurative work or developing large contemporary abstract pieces, Richard’s enthusiasm and passion is contagious.

My work is so diverse, I’m not fixated with a particular genre. I work best where I can cultivate a relationship with the client in order to understand exactly what they want…so whether it’s a private or corporate client, it is important to enable the delivery of a work that delights and excites.

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Sculpture Workshops

Richard is also interested in enabling others to be creative, so a few months every year he throws his studio open to those who want to learn about the creative process. These workshops go to fund the community workshops for young people that may have had a difficult start to their lives. Richard has developed a unique method of using simple sculpture techniques to enable them to engage with their own creative potential and the results have been fantastic.